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WhatsApp Messenger is a mobile device messaging application which lets you text without paying anything for SMS. You can use it to keep in touch with your friends whenever you are connected to the internet.

Whatsapp Hack

WhatsApp is an amazing application, but what if you would like to check your children’s your partner’s messages? Have you ever wondered how to spy WhatsApp?  Whatsapp Spy allows you do do this in a matter of a few clicks. Our program will make all the searching and doubting disappear. You will be able to read any conversations from a safe remote location anonymously.

Our application has multiple features that will let you take complete control of any device you want to spy. The most important thing is that the person you track will never have a clue about your actions because Whatsapp Spy runs in the telephone’s background.

But how to spy WhatsApp messages after installing the program on the user’s phone? Nothing easier, you can gain the remote access to all the conversations whenever you want to, as WhatsApp Hack saves them  in plain text.

whatsapp hack

Hack WhatsApp of your love

Tracking your partner is not a good thing, nevertheless you sometimes can have solid reasons to get suspicious. For example, if your spouse is keep chatting on her/ his phone, you have reasons to be worried for sure. With WhatsApp hack tool you can forget about all your warries by reading their conversations. After installing Whatsapp Hack it secretly copies everything that is send & received inside WhatsApp. It can give you an evidence of your lover being unfaithful.

Taking care of your children

If you are bringing up a teenager you definitely  know what fear of your child getting into trouble with wrong colleagues is. Whatsapp Hack allows you to get full control of his/her conversations and to know about all secret plans in advance. Just install Whatsapp spy  in your child’s phone and regularly check if your daughter or your son isn’t skipping school or getting messed up.


Whatsapp hack tool is useful if you want to control suspicious behavior of members of your family. It is forbidden to use it for malicious spying. The program’s author is not responsible for improper use.


whtsp screen

How to hack WhatsApp

1.Download the Whatsapp Spy  from the official The Clan Of Hack website

2.Our Whatsapp Hack requires no installation, just launch it

3.Choose one of your saved numbers to spy Whatsapp or add a new one

4. To chat as the chosen user, click “Chat”

5. To start chosen account Whatsapp Spying, clik on “Inject Spy”

6. To get access to recorded conversations later, just click the “Read recorded messages” button


how to spy whatsapp

Direct Download [RECOMMENDED]


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13 comments to Whatsapp Hack

  • admin  says:

    We’ve just updated the program and fixed some bugs. We hope everything will work fine now :)
    The Clan Of Hack Team

  • andrewweeson  says:

    I’ve checked it out and I’m definitely uninstalling WhatsApp from my phone now, I don’t want my massages to get fucking public, everybody can read them with your program ;/

  • Francisco Pablo  says:

    I hope no one will ever be one my place to find out his or her daughter is doing drugs…

  • george tamer  says:

    please i need your help because i cant download the program, when i click download there is please complete the survey but there is an empty page…

    • admin  says:

      Try to use the other download button (with the backup mirror link) :)

  • Toby  says:

    Hahahaa, this program is so fun, thanks guys! :D

  • rashad  says:


  • knuxfan  says:

    Hahahaha, my gf will be mad :D

  • brian  says:

    tried downloading this app (what’s app hacker) but the survey thing spoilt it all.
    i clicked on one of the surveys, a blank page opened up and then that’s it. It remains blank. I really need this app :P like badly! please help out or please tell me how to deal with the survey
    thanks :)

    • admin  says:

      Please try to use another link (as you can see there are 3 different ways of download) or choose another survey :)

  • Cookie  says:

    Well, this app changed a lot in my relations with my family.

  • Cody  says:

    Do you think messages recorded with your application can be a proof in court?

  • Bet  says:

    Thanks to you I finally know who is my boyfriend’s “SPECIAL FRIEND” -.-

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