Viber Multitool-Viber Hack & Viber Spy in one application

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Viber is a desktop and mobile application which allows you to send free photo, video and text messages to your friends who also use this app. There is also an option of making free calls to them if they are currently connected to the internet on their phone or computer. Over the years, Viber became one of the most popular communication applications.

Viber Hack

We’ve made  the Viber Multitool to give an easy access to both Viber Spy and Viber Hack. Hacking Viber account is a matter of the few simple clicks, everything you need to know is shown in the video which can be found below. Our Viber Hack allows you to chat from the hacked account and to read the user’s messages. Remember that to spy Viber you need to remotely install the Viber spy app in the user’s  application, using the “Inject Spy” feature in our program. The first version of the software was only the Viber Android Hack, but now we  support:

  • iPhone
  • Android™
  • Windows Phone, Blackberry
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Symbian
  • Nokia S40
  •  Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections.

We regularly update our Viber Hack to make sure you are satisfied with using it. However, if there would be any problems or bugs, please inform us about them in the comment or report them on our Live Chat.

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How To Hack Viber Account

1.Download the Viber Spy Software from the official The Clan Of Hack website

2.Our Viber Hack requires no installation, just launch it

3.Choose one of your saved numbers to spy on Viber or add a new one

4. To chat as the chosen number, click “Chat”

5. To start chosen account Viber Spying, clik on “Inject Spy”

6. To get access to recorded conversations later, just click the “Read recorded messages” button


how to hack viber account



Direct Download [RECOMMENDED]


Backup Mirror Link [NOT RECOMMENDED]


4 comments to Viber Multitool-Viber Hack & Viber Spy in one application

  • broyle  says:

    Nice, it’s so simple in use :)

  • arnau  says:

    Fuck those idiot’s messages, but the chat from their account option is fun xD

    • mike  says:

      How can I defend myself from this kind of software?

  • Aditya  says:


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