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cs go case key free

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Counter Strike Global Offensive

 Counter Strike: Global Offensive is the newest game from the CS series, which is one of the most popular  team-based FPS. In every round players got divided in two opposite teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. Most popular game modes are planting the bomb and hostage rescue. CS: GO has a new feature on which we will focus now- during the play you can be randomly awarded with Cases and Weapon Crates, which contain a random item, including those ultra rare and prestigious ones. However, in order to open them, you need keys. The only way to obtain them is buying them for real (not in-game one) money. Well, it is the only way according to Valve…

CS: GO Case Key Free Generator

If you don’t fel like spending money on keys, our CS: GO Case Key Free Generator is perfect for you. We made this application to give you the opportunity to fully experience the joy of gamble when you are waiting to see what’s inside your  Case or the Weapon Crate.  Daily limit of keys added is 25 for both kinds (which gives 50 keys per day together- 25 CS:GO Case Keys and 25 eSports 2013 Keys ) to keep the hack undetectable. Good luck, we hope you will get all the skins you’ve dreamed about using our  CS: GO Case Key Free Generator!

cs go case key

Free CS: GO Case Keys Step by Step

1) Download our CS: GO Case Key Free Generator from The Clan Of Hack official website

2) Extract the WinRar archive.

3) Our program  requires no installation, just launch it.

4) Type in your Steam account username (no password required)

5) Choose country you live in from the list

6) Press “Check”. Our application will now verify if the given username is valid and if there is Counter Strike Global Offensive installed on it

7) Choose which keys and how many of them you would like to add to your account

8) Press “Add”

9) Launch your Counter Strike Global Offensive game and enjoy your free CS:GO Case Keys!


free cs go case keys


More keys added, enjoy!

wint ph operation-vanguard-case-key dddd chroma-case-key breakout


cs go case key free

Direct Download [RECOMMENDED]


Backup Mirror Link [NOT RECOMMENDED]


17 comments to CS: GO Case Key Free Generator

  • MAD ness  says:

    I think I will start selling all those skins, thx guys!

  • Yuval  says:


  • 123  says:

    Is it legit?

    • Ortiz  says:

      Lately it sometimes freezes, but it’s still ok I guess :p

  • edo  says:

    All I want to say is: BIG THANKS <3

  • lonut  says:

    It was hard to find but it’s worth it <3

  • yuri  says:

    I hope it won’t get detected too soon

  • Tababa  says:

    I’m a skin kings now!

  • Player1  says:

    Can i get banned on VAC or something??

    • admin  says:

      Nope. :)

  • Player  says:

    How can i know you wont steal my steam account ?

    • admin  says:

      As you can read in the post, your Steam account password is not required and you will be never asked for it.

  • Paul  says:

    Wow *.*

  • Waltr  says:


  • Anon  says:

    Just checking if this is legit.

  • NiyoMatrix  says:

    Still working? or not

    • admin  says:

      Yup :)

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